• Feng Shui Pendant - Green Garnet

Feng Shui Pendant - Green Garnet


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Middle center of Bagua

Gemstone: Garnet
Color: Green

Gemtone Meaning:

Garnet enhances your energy, passion and pleasure. It is a stone of health and energy. It helps to move the chi and energy flow in the body and stimulates physical activity. Garnet is known as the "stone of health" because it dissolves emotional blockages in the body.

Color Meaning:

Green represents balance, growth, and abundance. In the chakra system, it’s located in the heart. It can also signify youthfulness. A Healing color providing a natural tranquility effect: Stability & Endurance.

How to Use it:

  1. Place pendant in the corresponding Bagua area - in your home, office or any other space.
  2. Set your desired intention.
  3. Vocalize your affirmations.

  • Each piece is unique like you.


  • Adjustable Length Necklaces

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