• Feng Shui Pendant - Amethyst & Agate

Feng Shui Pendant - Amethyst & Agate


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Travel, Helpful People & Spirituality

Front Right of Bagua

Gemstone: Amethyst, Silver Agate
Color: Purple, Silver

Gemtone Meaning:

Amethyst attracts positive energy and rids your body of any negative energy, including feelings of stress, anxiety, fear and more. It encourages inner strength, spiritual growth and protection while bringing clarity of the mind as well. Wearing an amethyst helps you to become more in tune with your feelings and heightens your intuition, which helps you to get to know yourself on a deeper level. It stimulates and balances the crown chakra.

Agate is known for its grounding, centering and balancing properties as well as its ability to improve mental concentration and perception, and to raise one’s consciousness. Black agate protects against negative energies and guards against physical danger. This calming stone invokes courage, dispels fear, and promotes success and good fortune.

Color Meaning:

Purple inspires spirituality, adventure and prosperity.

Silver restores equilibrium and stability to both feminine power and spiritual energy. It protects itself from outside negativity, reflecting the energy back to where it began.

How to Use it:

  1. Place pendant in the corresponding Bagua area - in your home, office or any other space.
  2. Set your desired intention.
  3. Vocalize your affirmations.

  • Each piece is unique like you.


  • Adjustable Length Necklaces

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