• Fossilized Mushroom

Fossilized Mushroom


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Product details

The neutral tones of tan, brown, white and gray are a perfect match for any outfit. The flowing, random, anarchic design around the stone has  free flowing movements. Though muted in color this necklace is not muted in its presence.

Product features:

  •    Clasp: Lobster Claw 
  •    One-of-a-Kind

Symbolic meaning:

In ancient Egypt, mushrooms were a rare delicacy indeed. They were associated with immortality, and as such, only royalty could consume them. In China and Japan, mushrooms were associated with longevity and strength - partly because some of the most popular mushrooms that grew there were known for stimulating the immune system. In many areas, the appearance of a ring of mushrooms on the ground is cause for rejoicing. In Great Britain, these circles are known as fairy rings.

  • Handmade in Atlanta (with Love)

  • J. Wild's beloved signature GIFT WRAPPING is FREE!

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