• Personal Intention Circle (up to 7 participants)

Personal Intention Circle (up to 7 participants)


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When we attach an intention to something tactile, it very quickly becomes more special. Not only more powerful and sentimental, but it also holds us accountable. We become more aware.

We invite you to close down your eyes and check in. Once your mind begins to relax, ASK YOURSELF:

How do I feel?

What do I need?

What do I desire?

What would I like to be reminded of every day?

What is my main intention in this moment?


And then kindly remind yourself… “I AM DESERVING”. Choose to function with more intention. Although we offer an intention through the creation of each piece of With My Intention jewelry, we invite you to attach your own. Energize your sacred items and infuse them with your own desires, reminders, hopes and dreams. Nobody else needs to know what your bracelet, ring or necklace represents to you. Unless of course, you want to share with others.


We invite you to join us in a creative space of intention. When we create with our own hands we step out of the mind and into the heart. From there, we are able to connect with the deeper creative, intuitive parts of ourselves. You are therefore guided by your intention; your own creativity, your own intuition and ultimately, reminded that you actually have all you need within. Like magic?

This experience offers you an opportunity to stop, breathe and connect with yourself. To get still, quiet and reflect. To create using only the most beautiful, authentic stones. You will walk away feeling more confident, more creative, more connected and with a very treasured bracelet sitting pretty on your wrist or intention bag.


  • Kindness. Generosity. Attention.
  • Fully hosted ceremony
  • Explanation of the Intention Process
  • The Intention Circle
  • Semi-precious gemstone intention bracelet or intention bag with gemstones created by all circle participants for themselves


  • Minimum of 7 participants (group discount for groups with 13 or more participants)
  • Bookings are required at least 2 weeks in advance.
  • Payment is required in full, 14 days prior to intention circle.
  • A within 15 minutes of Stone Mountain, GA (additional charges for greater distance)
  • Please be aware that some destinations will incur additional travel expenses.
  • Please allow one and a half to two hours for the ceremony.

COST: $35/ per participant

To request a customized intention circle please email hello@jwildartisan.com (desired date, time, location, and number of participants) and we will contact you back confirming your booking.


  • Each piece is unique like you.


  • Adjustable Length Necklaces

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