• Mercury Retrograde
  • Mercury Retrograde

Mercury Retrograde


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Keep this near you during mercury retrograde.  All planets go retrograde, but Mercury seems to impact people much more than any other planet. Why? Mercury rules communication, clear thinking, truth and travel. When Mercury goes into retrograde its like everyone you know has suddenly gone mad! You might find yourself in bizarre arguments, unable to form coherent thoughts or barely able to form complete sentences. Electronic equipment like your computer or phone will likely go out, be sure to back up your data! 
  • Includes : amethyst, sodalite and black tourmaline
  • Gemstone Card with stone properties listed.
  • Stones range in size
  • One of a kind so each stone is unique, varying in size and color.
  • Place on desk, nightstand, or in the car
  • Perfect for crystal grids
  • Hold while in meditation or quiet reflection
  • Incorporate with home decor


Gemstone meaning:

Amethyst attracts positive energy and rids your body of any negative energy, including feelings of stress, anxiety, fear and more. It encourages inner strength, spiritual growth and protection while bringing clarity of the mind as well. Using amethyst helps you to become more in tune with your feelings and heightens your intuition, which helps you to get to know yourself on a deeper level. It stimulates and balances the crown chakra.

Sodalite is also a stone of the heart and is considered a calming stone. Coupled with its focus on the head it can combine the rational and the spiritual which makes sodalite an ideal stone to clear up problems. It stimulates clear communication.

Black Tourmaline is known to have strong protective and healing powers. Black Tourmaline is known to bring good luck and happiness, perhaps due to it’s strong protective properties that pushes all negativity away.  This grounding stone helps to balance the body and mind to cultivate physical healing and good health.



    • Each piece is unique like you.


    • Adjustable Length Necklaces

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