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Chakra Obelisk


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Align your etheric body with an Orgonite Chakra Obelisk. Using color therapy and specific crystals, this Orgone Obelisk is intended to activate the Chakras to calibrate to their harmonic resonance. Place on your meditation altar and use as a visual guide for healing, or in a thoughtful area of your home or office to balance EMFs and radiate pure light in your space! 

Size: 4" tall

Yellow Aventurine brings good luck and promotes personal growth.

Green Aventurine symbolizes the Heart Chakra.  It cures heart related maladies, stress, sleep disturbances and allergies.

Amethyst protects against negativity and aids in battling addictions.

Lapis Lazuli brings forth inner strength, courage and confidence.

Red Jasper is a stress reducer and has a grounding effect.


  • Each piece is unique like you.


  • Adjustable Length Necklaces

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