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Product details

Chunky Tibetan handmade onyx and brass with ornate detailing ring. 

Product features:

  •    Gemstone color: Black
  •    Stone: Onyx
  •    Size: Adjustable

Gemstone meaning:

Black Onyx is a protective stone that acts as a shield against negativity.It is a soothing stone, said to help alleviate fears and worries and to help you to feel comfortable within yourself and in your surroundings. It is also said to encourage wise decision-making and to promote stamina and vigor. Black Onyx enhances steadfastness and determination,  setting ones mind to a task. It is grounding stone, valuable in difficult or confusing times in our lives. Extremely helpful to people who are in the process of " letting go" or releasing the past attachments  to people , places and things.


  • Each piece is unique like you.


  • Adjustable Length Necklaces

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