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Aventurine Yoni Egg QUICK VIEW

Aventurine Yoni Egg


Eggs represent growth, protection, new beginnings, and resurrection. Throughout history, the egg has symbolized the spark of creation and new begin...
Blue Aventurine Wand QUICK VIEW

Blue Aventurine Wand


Hand carved blue aventurine wand. Blue Aventurine combines the elements of wind and water in a gentle stone that resonates from the mind to the he...
Green Aventurine Wand QUICK VIEW

Green Aventurine Wand


Green averturine is known to enhance prosperity and bring success. The "luckiest" of stones, has a sense of calm and balance that promotes love an...
Intention Pouch - Chakra Healing Intention Pouch - Chakra Healing QUICK VIEW

Intention Pouch - Chakra Healing


The chakra healing gemstones help to align, balance and cleanse your seven chakras. This bag comes with seven chakra gemstones to connect with each...