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Size Guide


Necklace lengths are measured from the hollow at the base of the throat. If your neck measures 13 inches, then a 16 inch necklace will drape about one and one half inches below the base of the throat. The common approximation is to allow one half inch of drape per each inch of necklace length.

Necklace Style Rule: A necklace is considered a frame of a woman's features and designates the area to drawn attention to. Shorter necklaces will drawn attention to a woman's face while longer necklaces will direct the eyes to your cleavage. Our necklace Sizing Guide can assist you in making the right choice of a necklace or pendant set. Choose the next size up for larger necks.


Necklace Sizes:

Collar (12-13 inches)
Collar necklaces for a snug fit around the middle of the neck.

Choker (14-16 inches)
The classic and versatile choker necklace lays perfectly around the base of the neck.

Princess (17-19 inches)
A princess necklace, falling just below the throat, typically is worn as contrast to low, plunging necklines especially with a pendant to add bold, eye-catching look. This is the most popular necklace size.

Matinee (20-24 inches)
The Matinee is the perfect choice for casual or business attire.

Opera (28-34 inches)
The adorning opera necklace is versatile enough to transform from day to elegant eveningwear, from a double to single strand.

Rope (over 45 inches)
Measuring at least 45 inches in length, this must-have woman’s accessory, is both elegant and classic, will dress up any outfit day or night. The versatile rope necklace can be transformed into a multi-strand necklace with matching bracelet combination.


Anklet Sizing Guide

Sizing Anklets If you don't know your ankle size, follow these instructions: Use a tape measure and measure around your ankle just above the bone (or use a piece of string/ribbon and lay it on a ruler to get the size). We adjust for the fit, so measure your ankle to get an idea of how many inches around it is just above your ankle bone. Consider 1/2-inch size up if you like a long drape around the ankle.   

Bracelet Sizing Guide

Tips to order the proper fitting bracelet:
  • Using a flexible tape or a strip of paper or string to measure, wrap it completely around your wrist in a comfortable fashion where the bracelet is to be worn.
  • If you are buying a bangle bracelet with no clasp or possibility of bending to fit, loosely wrap the measuring tape around your knuckles.
  • Add approximately add 3/4 inch to 1 inch to the measurement.
  • Many bracelets however are adjustable and can be bent to size.  Most cuff bracelets can be opened or closed approximately a half size to get a good size fit.
  • Bracelets with inlaid gemstones cannot be opened or closed in any amount without potential damage to the stones.
Appearance of Wrist Wrist Measurement Comfortable Fit: Add 3/4 to 1 inches to Wrist Measurement Looser Fit: Add 1 1/4 inches to Wrist Measurement
Small 5 3/4" or less 6 3/4" or less 7 1/2"
Medium 6 to 6 3/4 inches 7 to 7 3/4 inches 8 1/2 inches
Large 7" or more 8" or more 9 inches