Smoky Quartz

Smoky Quartz is believed to be excellent for grounding and removing negative emotions through its effects on the first chakra, relieving stress, fear, anger and other negative emotions and transforms them into positive energies. This stone is comforting and calming, and can protect you from absorbing negative energies. Smoky Quartz is a stone that helps to ground and connect the wearer to the earth, allowing them to keep their feet on the ground and remain balanced. It assists in removing mental and emotional blockages, relieving pain and dispersing negativity from the body. It is worn for emotional support and helps to dissolve anger and resentment.
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Smoky Quartz QUICK VIEW

Smoky Quartz


Here is a pair of simple and versatile smokey quartz teardrop earrings. These earrings include faceted smokey quartz teardrop gemstones, individual...
Smoky Quartz Point QUICK VIEW

Smoky Quartz Point


Beautiful smoky quartz hanging from chain. When you want a subtle necklace you can still carry your intention with you. Product features:    Gemst...
Smoky Quartz Skull QUICK VIEW

Smoky Quartz Skull


Soft leather adorned with a wood-carved skull and a smoky quartz crystal point that serves in centering, grounding, and removing negativity. Skull...