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Bathing in herb-infused water helps reduce stress, soothes the skin, and provides a relaxing, spa-like experience. Herbs offer specific therapeutic benefits, including softening skin, soothing muscles, stimulating circulation, spiritual benefits, and combatting infection.

If you'd like, you can shower before bathing. Rinse out your tub, and fill your bath with warm water. Pour in sacred soak into your bath. 

For easy cleanup, you can use a muslin bag for Sacred Soak

If you're in the mood, pray and set your intentions while adding your ingredients to water.  It could be something as simple as "I am blessing this water with the intent of softening my view of myself and allowing my inner beauty shine through." Make it personal to what you need and what resonates with your spirit at the time. Say what feels right. 

Then, lower yourself into the bath. Visualize the supercharged water, and the essence from all of your ingredients absorbing all of the energies that no longer serve you and transferring strength and support with your intent to you. Crystals can also enhance this ritual. 

Rinse out of the bath after 20 minutes are up, and visualize the water going down the drain is taking away any energies that do not serve you. Oil your body up and continue to pamper yourself for up to 24 more hours. Repeat when necessary.

Get rid of all of the herbs and flowers left in the bathtub. It helps to use a tea strainer to scoop up botanicals before draining the tub.

Sacred soaks/baths are a supercharged, self-care necessity that should be included into your routine regularly. Some people will do these weekly or monthly, or annually. Find a schedule that fits you, and stick to it.