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Our Process



At J. Wild Artisan Jewelry, we’re particular about process. It matters to us that we don’t simply string together sets of gemstones and metals. We demand and you should expect more of the jewelry you wear. Continue reading to discover how we handcraft each piece.


We start with love. Sounds silly to you? Not to us. For a piece of jewelry to bring you pleasure, peace and joy, it needs to start with all those things. So, we infuse love first into every piece we handle and pass along to you.


We literally travel the globe in search of the finest natural, raw materials. J. Wild hand selects gemstones from socially and environmentally responsible mines, places that honor best practices in protecting worker rights and provide safe working conditions.


Each of our gemstones undergoes a meticulous two-step cleansing process that sets J. Wild jewelry apart from our competitors. First we wash each gemstone using a time tested method of removing visible impurities and imperfections. Then, because gemstones carry spiritual energy as well, we cleanse each gemstone with a special saging process.


To unlock the natural healing properties found in gemstones, we charge ours with sun or moonlight. Methodically charging the gemstones releases their natural power and ensures that they are rightly charged and ready for you.


Once the gemstones are fully prepared, we assemble them using a painstaking, careful process that guarantees sturdiness and emits beauty. Each JWild piece is constructed with pride and the deep desire to please our customers.