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Ways to use Crystals

Meditate With Crystals

Crystals make the meditation process a bit deeper to enable your mind to explore its deepest being. Crystals boost the quality of your meditation by purifying emotions and thoughts.

They cleanse and open chakras. Ideally, crystal mediation is best done by placing a colored crystal closest to the chakra of the same color.

It should be clear that they are the tools to access the inner self effectively and also intensify the experience. They are not the end by themselves.

Meditation helps boost and fix our health, spiritual, and emotional selves. The crystals then aid in the quality of the fixation. The add on to the intensity and thus the quality of the session.

Crystals make us listen to our inner selves more clearly.

 crystal healing

How to Meditate with Crystals

When you have chosen the crystals of your choice. There are two ways that you are going to interact with crystals:

  • Holding them in your hands
  • Laying them in your body (for skin touch)

 Here is the process of how to meditate with crystals:

  1. Get to a quiet place that is comfortable and free of distraction
  2. Sit quietly and make yourself comfortable and have the crystals within reach.
  3. Close your eyes and open your mind. Focus all your attention on your breathing.
  4. After some time of refreshing, pick up the crystal and hold them.
  5. Picture your awareness oozing down to the stone and feel the energy of your crystal.
  6. As you breathe, let the crystal’s energy take over your mind and filter into the senses
  7. Your crystals are attentive and conscious, so you can go ahead and visualize and verbalize your intentions to them.
  8. Stay in that state for as long as you need. Relax your body mind and soul.
  9. As you finish and as you feel completely relaxed and at peace.
    Imagine all the aspects of your awareness billowing back out of the crystals and into your peaceful body.
    Then feel yourself connect with your body and the earth.
  10. Open your eyes as you take a few breaths.


How do Crystals Work

It all starts with how the crystal is formed in nature. The crystals come as a product of molten rock cooling in a perfect mix of time and environment. The differences in the situation of the environment make the crystals have different physical qualities. This process is called crystallization.

The crystallization process is one of perfection, whereby it is a meticulous process that takes time. It is because crystals are nature’s product that they radiate positive energy that elevates the state of consciousness when used in meditation. The crystals help one better access the deep-seated layers of oneself.


Ways to Use Crystals for Meditation


Meditate with Crystals

Get your crystal of choice and hold them as you meditate. You can also have the crystals arraigned on your skin during the meditation process.

The crystals are the keys to access the connection to yourself.

Do a Ritual with Crystals

A crystal ritual seems like a good idea for deep connection and healing. You can deliberately assign every different crystal to have its set of rituals of the meditation process. A separate crystal can be held with a specific hand in a particular way and especially with a different posture. You can assign a particular number of breathing patterns(e.g. 11 times for a quartz crystal)

Put Crystals in the Bath

 When you are having a bubble bath or in the jacuzzi, it is an opportunity to take advantage of using the crystals to access the deep layers of your consciousness. The fact that water is an excellent element of nature makes it radiate more vibrant energy.

Assign it with an Intention

Before embarking on a meditation process. Be clear and dedicate the crystal to be specific in meditating to target a particular thing that in your life. The crystal is always on the ready for instructions on what it should and where it should go. It is still ever willing to jump, it only awaits your command on how high it should do the same.

For example, to program a crystal to heal your headache, you take hold of the crystal, then close your eyes, and do take a few deep breaths. Then say aloud or in your head something close to the following words. “I ask for the highest vibration of love and light connect with my sincerest of myself to erase all the negative energy and any previous programming. I give the command to hold the intention of healing my headache.

End by saying “thank you” severally.

This helps to emphasize that what you seek already exists.

Throw Crystals in Your Pocket and Purse

You can toss the crystals in your pocket or purse and access them any time of the day to ground your higher self. If you travel with any form of baggage, like backpacks or suitcase, it does no harm having your crystals somewhere inside. 

Wear Your Crystals

Nowadays, the crystals come in many ways; clothing. Jewelry, beauty products, etc. Having them as close as possible to your body for a significant part of the day is a sure way to gain the most of its strength.

Scatter Around Your Home

The positive energy of the various crystals can be made use by scattering them around strategic places in your home.  Apart from elevating the powers of the room, the crystals add to the ambiance of the space. It raises the decor quality of your area.

Don’t hesitate to cram a few of them on the console or the coffee table. At your office desk, you can also have a sprinkle of the crystals in a bowl to make the most of the benefits.

You can have an altar of the crystals in your garden as the focal point. You are limited by your imagination in how far you can do with the crystals on your space.

You are now fully aware of all there is about crystal meditation on a fundamental level. From what it is, to why you should do it, to how they work, and how to meditate with them. You are also aware of the ways to use the crystals for meditation.

You are now empowered to make the most of this new-found knowledge and take your meditation to the next level.


Written by Kim S.