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Product details

A spectacular reversible brass pendant with two fish on a white conch shell all encircled in brass – handmade by Tibetan artisans living in Nepal. Two fish is one of the eight auspicious symbols in Buddhism. It symbolizes that all beings who follow the path of dharma do not fear to drown in the ocean of suffering, like fish who can freely migrate in water. Two fish symbol is also a symbol of good luck and happiness. The pendant dangles on a necklace made with differing sizes of silver leaf jasper separated by small metal beads.

Product features:

  •    Gemstone color: Silver
  •    Stone: Silver leaf jasper
  •    Necklace Length: 17 in. with 3 in. extension
  •    Clasp: Lobster Claw 
  •    One-of-a-Kind

Gemstone meaning:

Jasper is thought to bring one what they need, aid in attaining a sound sleep, increase the ability to feel joy and carries a protective power. It is a stabilizing and balancing stone. Silver Leaf Jasper is known to provide protection and good luck. It is also a stabilizing, strengthening and balancing stone.

  • Each piece is unique like you.


  • Adjustable Length Necklaces

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