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Choosing the most flattering necklace for your face

February 01 2017 – Bold Apps

Necklace lengths
Consider the neckline of your outfit and how the necklace which could make or break the outfit will fall. A necklace which frames the face will be either a 12-inch collar, a 16-inch choker, or an 18-inch princess. The most popular and versatile is the 16-inch, which works well for a look that's casual or classic, fancy or fun. This length flatters the neckline of all wearers. A longer 30-inch opera length or 36-inch rope necklace can be worn long or doubled up, even tripled up, to create a shorter alternative.

Your face shape
A rounder face is nicely slimmed by selecting a longer necklace with a pendant that forms a V-shape where it hangs, elongating your face. A more square jawline is softened by a shorter, beaded necklace that forms a semicircle on the collarbone to offset angles and frame the face nicely.

Light your face
Just as light-reflecting cosmetic touches can conceal shadows, and candlelight flatters everyone, a sparkly or pearl necklace reflects light onto the face and brightens it. Pearls, opals, and diamonds have been referred to frequently in literature for their capacity to refract and reflect light, creating a much-prized, at times fiery, quality. Don't overlook jet black, faceted crystals, and moonstone, which also reflect light well.

Choose your metals
Choose your metals in a necklace, if any, according to what your experience has indicated to you for a gold or silver preference. Consider brass and copper for an alternative to gold, pewter as an alternative to sterling silver or mix your metals.