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Program Crystal Quartz

Why Program Your Quartz Crystal?

It can be used for manifestation - working with the law of attraction ex. programming the quartz to manifest/create something to come into your life. ex. a new job opportunity, new relationship etc.

It can also be used to help and benefit you in healing mind body spirit.

ex. program the quartz to help ease your anxiety or help you to remember your dreams, or make you more aware of your intuition etc.


Getting to Know Your Crystal

The goal of programming a crystal effectively is to match your vibration with that of the crystal. Harmonizing in resonance with the crystal, encodes your programmed intention, stores it within the crystal and projects that intention out into the Universe.

 Before programming a Quartz crystal I recommend spending some time with the crystal to attune to its energy. Once it is programmed with your intention you can keep it in a specific space in your home or keep it with you all day, and near your bed while you sleep. Do not let others touch your Quartz during this time.

You are tuning to your Quartz. Aligning your energy to resonate with the energy of the Quartz.


1.  C L E A N S E

- Clear the crystal of previous programs or any negative energies that have attached to it.

Learn how to cleanse and charge crystals

2.  C R E A T E   Y O U R   P R O G R A M

- Decide on intention/program for the Crystal - BE SPECIFIC, choose one very specific focused intention.

- Form one simple statement stating your program in present tense.

-Write it down.

3.  P R O G R A M   C R Y S T A L   W I T H   P R O J E C T E D   T H O U G HT

- It is important to be in a relaxed but focused state of concentration and openness.

- Focus and relax your gaze on the crystal while clearing your mind of anything but the program statement.

- Read your written statement to transfer your intention by projecting your thought into the crystal, matching your energy with the crystal and holding focus on your intention.

- Repeat your statement as many times as you feel necessary in the moment.

-Focusing on the crystal, visualize/sense/feel your programmed intention on each face of the crystal, imprinting the crystal with your intention.

-  Continue this until you intuitively feel satisfied that you have filled the crystal with your program.

4.   M A I N T A I N I N G   T H E   V I B R A T I O N   O F   T H E   P R O G R A M

Regularly maintaining focused intention further enhances the speed and precision of manifesting the intention you programmed into the Quartz.

Being in harmonic resonance with the vibration of that which you desire is how it is manifested into your life.

  • Come back to your programmed crystal as often as you feel drawn to, the more consistently the better (ex. every morning when you wake up, every evening before bed) and reinforce the program.
  • Strengthen its call out to the Universe by repeating the program statement aloud or in your mind (you can do this throughout your day wherever you are, does not have to be with the crystal - because most importantly YOU must hold the vibration of what it is you desire).
  • Practice visualizing and feeling as if you already have or are already experiencing your programmed intention.

These suggestions are some ways to help stay in vibration and harmonic resonance with your programmed intention.

These are suggestions based on personal experience, and are meant as a starting point for you to further explore working with the energetic possibilities of crystals. Follow your intuitive guidance for what works best for you.