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  • Chakras

    Tuesday Jun 06 2017

    Chakras are the meeting points of energy channels in the subtle body. In other words, chakras are the centers through which the energy in our body flows. There are 7...

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  • Accessorize using Color Wheel

    Sunday Apr 16 2017

    Knowing the color wheel can help when choosing accessories. If you know what colors complement or contrast then you can make the perfect choice based on your intended look. Here...

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  • Methods for Cleansing Gemstones

    Wednesday Mar 01 2017

    All gemstones have magnetic powers. It’s believed that the vibration and frequency they emit can help us in healing and a number of other positive ways because their energy is...

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  • Choosing the most flattering necklace for your face

    Wednesday Feb 01 2017

    Necklace lengths Consider the neckline of your outfit and how the necklace which could make or break the outfit will fall. A necklace which frames the face will be either...

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  • Using Gemstones for a Relaxing Holiday Season

    Thursday Dec 01 2016

    Gemstones can help you stay focused, centered, and calm during this stressful time of year. It’s easy to get wrapped up in the hustle and bustle of the parties, shopping and...

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